We are a drone education and service provider founded and based in Sydney. We focus on drone training and safety awareness, as well as rapid prototyping of custom designed drone systems for our members and clients.

If you’d like to chat about drones or have a project you’d like help with, please leave your details and we’ll contact you back absolutely free!

    Drone Training and School Lessons

    Our drone engineers and members visit schools, clubs and other organisations to demonstrate how drones operate and the safe and effective usage of these amazing aerial platforms.

    Drone Education
    Custom built drone kits

    Through years of experience servicing the growing Australian drone industry, Sydney Drone Club is proud to offer our selection of the best-of-the-best drone kits for your needs.

    Drone Kits
    We proudly collaborate and innovate with Australian businesses and future pilots!

    Contact us for anything drone related! Need some advice or want to discuss the feasibility of an idea? Want to have a drone demonstration at your school or organisation? Our Aussie drone experts are happy to call and chat!