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Sydney Drone Club is a friendly and welcoming group, spreading awareness about drones and how to use them safely. We demonstrate drone technology to schools, community organisations and anyone who’s interested!
Drone Demonstrations

Book a drone demo with us now! We come out to you with all of our drone tech and demonstrate the utilisation of drones and how they work. Great fun!

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School Programs

High school workshops teach students how to build, fly and design new drone systems. We utilise 3D printing to rapidly prototype new designs!

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Our drone technology is constantly evolving. Our club offers a unique opportunity to work and learn alongside drone professionals. Stay up to date!

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North Turramurra Scouts


Sydney Drone Club demonstrated our fleet of micro drones and 3D printers to the North Turramurra Scouts Group. Scouts learned how to fly drones and how they can be used in orienteering and search-and-rescue operations.

3D printers were used to create scouting equipment, allowing the Scouts to design and model their own unique tools!

Sutherland Library

Drone Classes

In this intensive two-day workshop students learned all about the world of drones, including design ideas, first person flight perspective, flight simulators and essential flying skills! Thanks to Sutherland Shire Library, Sutherland Shire Council, Liftoff and our excellent students!

Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield

School Programs

Sydney Drone Club visits schools to teach students how to build, fly and prototype new drone systems. Utilising school fields, we can host drone races and demonstrations on school property!

Sydney Drone Club began in 2015 as Sydney Multirotor Racing Club.

Since then we have evolved into a social club that provides workshop programs, demonstrations and mentoring throughout schools, educational institutions and other clubs. We help spread awareness of drone technology and responsible flying practices. It’s easy to stay safe and have fun!

James Martin
0406 636 615

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